Facet IZ - Vintage Transistor FuzzFa~e with tone control

Facet IZ - Vintage Transistor FuzzFa~e with tone control

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Part of the FACET collection of 4 fuzzfa[e circuit variants.

The Facet IZ is based on the classic Fuzz F@ce circuit. Continuing the Daughterboard PCB style. Izzy basically told me what she wanted to hear and like any good Dad I did as I was asked (told).

Controls are Fuzz, Vol and Tone. This fuzz F@ce has a greasy mid range and a very ballsy fierce character. No glassy cleanup here, but for the amount of fuzz and fatness it still does a great job still keeping its dynamics intact as you turn down your guitar volume.

Built around a pair of Micro Electronics C1016Y yellow dot silicon transistors. They are the higher gain grade of the red dot MEC1016 used in the RedDotSound and sound exceptional in this circuit

Screen-printed using super glossy old school enamel ink. its hard to photograph just how cool this finish is.

Izzy builds these fuzz pedals in our garden workshop in Northamptonshire UK. This includes painting, drilling, and screen printing the design onto the enclosures. Izzy populates the vintage style circuit board with the finest components. We finish the entire pedal to a standard that looks as good inside, as it sounds on the outside. It might be covered up but when you're in that moment you KNOW the mojo you have under the hood.

Please be aware, these are totally hand built and so there might me some slight cosmetic variation between each pedal. Toneally, I play each one to make sure they sound as good as the first one, before signing off, no tone generator, no gadgets - just a telecaster and my ears.

Please note, all my silicon pedals have a boss style 2.1 center negative DC jack only, there is no battery snap. silicon transistors are not sensitive to DC supply type unlike their germainium counterparts.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome ! Works great for my application!!

Bruno Duarte
The most addicting fuzz I’ve ever played!

I got my facet iz fuzz yesterday! Thank you so much for your work! It’s the most addicting fuzz I ever played! It works well with single coils, p90s and humbuckers. The tone control is perfect and the mids bump makes it shine.

I’ll definitely try to get some more stuff from you guys! ♥️🤟🏼