Project WorkShop 2.0

In late 2023 it became painfully obvious that the current workshop was getting too small. Our garden is also pretty small with no room to extend the workshop footprint. With 4 new grandchildren in our lives we have decided to move house and with this, the opportunity to create a new 'Workshop 2.0' became reality.

A new space will not only help with day to day storage and running of the pedal builds, but allow me to produce more structured video content with a dedicated studio area and permanent audio recording setup. With the added possibility of running educational days and build workshops, it really is going to be a huge step forward for what I'm doing now.

However, this is where I need your help.

WaitList Wednesday is back!

Kitting out a new shop and studio space with minimum downtime for orders is the aim, but that shits expensive! So we have decided to revive Waitlist Wednesday, We have a date for this of 8th May.

Waitlist Wednesdays are when every pedal* is available to pre order for 24 hrs with unlimited quantities (some pedals might have limited numbers but that will be clearly marked). The downside of this is that your wait will be a bit longer, possibly 2 to 3 months if the order book gets really full. I'll let everyone know what sort of timescale to expect once all the orders are in. I'll also email you later on when your pedal is going into production, so you can follow along of Instagram if you wanted to. *excluding DaughterBoard series

Extra Perks

This time round however there are some amazing 'CrowdFund' style' perks available as well if you want to contribute something extra to the new space.

- Build your own FuzzF*ce experience days

- Individual Time Lapse of your pedal order being built

- 30 min Zoom 1 to 1 sessions

- Monday Minute shout outs

These extras will be only available on the day, except the experience days which will run until they are all booked. 

Free stuff

Pedals ordered on the day will be the first ever orders to be made in the new shop and will come with an 'I funded workshop 2.0' T-shirt. Obviously there will be a short period where the workshop will be kitted out before pedal building begins (there is a structure already but it needs modernising) I have contractors ready to go, and I've bought a new pair of boots =]. We have a plan and expect 4 to 6 weeks from getting the keys to the first pedals being started.

I will update this page as things move forward and eventually it will become a permanent thank you page listing everyone who contributed in any way to Project Workshop 2.0  

This is a super exciting time for ReevesElectro and I am really happy to be involved in a community where I feel comfortable reaching out to you to do this.


thank you all.