About Markus

Thanks for visiting my website, I'm Markus and hope you find something you really dig here. I've been mucking about with guitar pedals since I was given a broken FuzzFace in 1992. In 2013 ReevesElectro was born and these days I build classic Drive and Fuzz pedals constructed Point to Point to a very exacting standard, enclosed in a beautiful, acid etched die cast enclosure.

I've refined my etching process over many years to the point where it imparts a  gunmetal patina on your pedals enclosure giving each one its own unique 'finger print'.

I also produce the artwork designs myself, which I screen print as a mask onto the enclosure. They are then dipped in the etching solution, using processes dating back to the dawn of print making.

Internally I build the circuit with modern high quality components and  carefully selected vintage NOS transistors. In my opinion the tone and connection the player feels, is a thing to behold. Hopefully, as you are already on the site, you have an idea of just what's going down here and are thirsty for more.


I care about how these things sound as much as I care about how they look. Why have the hottest looking car on the block that won't even get to the shops?

The detail I apply to building these pedals, is matched only by the detail I've applied to tweaking the circuit and getting the sound in my head out of the pedal, before I even think about deciding to sell them.


It's just me doing this, it's a one man oppo, I design the graphics, screen print, etch, paint and drill the enclosures, then populate them with the point to point goodness.

If you want a mass produced pedal the choice in the market is bewildering. If you want something genuinely boutique, you have found it. (I use the 'B' word very carefully, as its been hijacked and well ... I'm claiming it back). I genuinely believe that functional objects should be beautiful too, we all deserve 'nice things' every now and again right?

So what should you expect when you buy a ReevesElectro pedal? On the outside the enclosures are acid etched with a gunmetal finish and I'm saying this myself, look the dogs. Finished with a simple satin finish to neutralise the etching, Every etch comes out subtly different, so you always will get a unique patina on your pedal.

On the inside, my attention to detail is all encompassing and its frankly slightly worrying how much I love the look of a nice crisp right-angled buss wire ... and after doing this for 20 years the joy has never worn off. I guess that's your win then.

Anyway, thanks for reading my rambles, have a wander round the site, there are always new clips and other random stuff is being added all the time. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

Oh and join the newsletter, I don't send needless bull, but I DO send the occasional mailing list excusive offer.


Markus Reeves

Oh and check out Sam Scott-Hunter, the amazing photographer who took these pictures http://www.samscotthunter.co.uk/people