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2n2FACE – High Volume Silicon FuzzFa(e

2n2FACE – High Volume Silicon FuzzFa(e

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Classic fuzzy wonder, but with tight usable bass in the output. Point to Point FuzzFace type pedal.

Using 2n2222a transistors, JB capacitors and Fischer resistors. Each pedal is tuned (biased) for the smoothest decay. Original FuzzFaces were typically known for their lack of volume. Not the case with the 2n2Face, unity is around the 9 to 10 0'clock mark on the volume with the fuzz maxed.

FaceLift version introduced 28 July 2021 with bigger enclosure, top jacks, red LED and amended internal layout.

The FuzzFace, the guitar players utility pedal, put in at the front of your pedal chain and max the fuzz dial, then control the gain from your guitars volume, its that simple.

The 2n2Face is fat, gritty, warm and capable of getting very very loud. No fizzy or spitty decay and nice tight bass response that is forward in the tone. Just classic FuzzFace lovleyness. The classic pairing is with a single coil type guitar such as a strat, however there are some great tones to achieve from any type or make of instrument.

The added X factor with my version is the astounding amount of volume on tap. Into an a 'breaking' amp tone the volume can be used as a boost for even more complex overtones and a richness that is often missing in fuzzfaces... try it, you might like it! clean up from the guitar volume works well, however due to the baising to obtain such high volume boost a small amount of grittyness will remain if you dig in hard.

I build these fuzz pedals in my garden workshop in Northamptonshire UK. This includes painting, drilling, and acid etching my design onto the enclosures, constructing the entire circuit 'Point to Point' only using the components, theres no boards or circuit traces to dilute your signal purity. I finish the entire pedal to a standard that I think looks as good inside, as it sounds on the outside. It might be covered up but when you're in that moment you KNOW the mojo you have under the hood.

Please be aware, these are totally hand built and so there might me some slight cosmetic variation between each pedal. The acid ecthing process produces a gunmetal patina on the enclosure with will vary from pedal to pedal. This is most noticable on the sides and imparts a unique character to each pedal. Toneally, I play each one to make sure they sound as good as the first one, before signing off, no tone generator, no gadgets - just a telecaster and my ears.

Please note, all my silicon pedals have a boss style 2.1 center negative DC jack only, there is no battery snap. silicon transistors are not sensitive to DC supply type unlike their germainium counterparts.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer review

This hasn’t left my main board since it arrived. My favourite fuzz face type pedal that I own, and I own some lofty competitors.

Mitchell Snow
Customer review

I'm not gonna tell you about how good this pedal looks (it's beautiful) or how great it sounds (it sounds fantastic), what I want to tell you about is the issue my pedal had.
I was so excited to receive this pedal! I raced the package into my music room, tore it open, slapped it down, plugged it in, cranked the amp up, and let 'er rip!
Wow! The response is amazing! The attack is so interesting! Wow!
Click the switch and. . . what's this? What the heck? Why don't I have any volume when bypassed?
That's right, no signal when bypassed. Bummer.
I sent Markus an email and he got back to me later that day. Turns out it was a simple mistake. He was very apologetic and immediately began working with me to rectify the situation. The customer service I received was excellent.
Markus went above and beyond to make it right and we quickly came to a compromise that I was so pleased with, I turned around and bought another pedal from him right on the spot. How often does it happen that you purchase a defective item and are so pleased with the seller's effort to remedy the situation that you immediately buy something else them? For me, the answer was never, but that's exactly what I did.
This isn't so much a review of the pedal. The pedal is fantastic and you are going to really love it. No, this is a review of something even harder to get right than building a really great fuzz - this is a review of Reeves Electro's customer service. Their customer service deserves a couple more than 5 stars. Truly fantastic.

wayne cook
Customer review

This fuzz sounds every bit as good as it looks the tones are so usable and cleans up really nice and the guitar itself never gets lost i never new how much i love fuzz until now all i can say as perhaps the ultimate compliment is since it arrived i've been inspired to play more and for longer only draw back is now i need to try the others!! Thanks Markus a cherished purchase indeed.

Alan McCartney
Customer review

I received this pedal through the post this week. I ordered the blue interior colour and when it arrived I was taken by how much detail there was in the back of the pedal. The wiring is absolutely gorgeous.

I've been looking for a fuzz for some time, having spent fruitless hours in guitar shops, and ordering online. Until I ordered this pedal, the 'sound in my head' alluded me. On first plugging this pedal in, I knew. My setup is simple, a strat guitar into a Victory Sheriff 22, with a phase pedal and a KOKO boost for leads. I ran the fuzz just after my tuner, and it sounds glorious. It cleans up, and gives me the Hendrix 'clean' sound I have always wanted. At full tilt, it is an absolute monster.

I am no electrical expert, but the level of detail I saw inside the pedal definitely works wonders for your sound. This pedal is a marvel. I will be lucky, because in 20 years I have will have a much sought after original! That said, it's not for sale!

I bought this with my own money, and do not know the seller. That said, he has been great to deal with.

Good luck for the future!

Haydn Mowbray
Customer review

Amazing sounding fuzz. Arrived yesterday and i tried it with a strat through a clean amp. A huge amount of gain but cleans up nicely on the guitar volume knob for those breakdown quiet sounds. Turn the volume up in steps to full and you have chunky rhythm, rich sustain and huge fuzz sounds but the guitar tone is still there. I ran it into a JHS modded Soul Food and it gives even more sustain - think Neil Young at his grungy-ist. Even with all that the guitar sound doesn't fall into a hail of feedback - it's all very controllable for those Hendrix style sounds. And open it up and see the attention to detail in the point to point wiring - amazing. Highly recommended