Short Descriptions of all my pedals

This page is a work in progress, more will be added as and when I get the time.

Construction Styles

  • P2P - etched artwork on enclosure - top jacks - fully Point to Point circuit construction.
  • Tour Grade - Grey Acid patina and stamped graphics - Top Jacks and tour grade point to point circuit construction.

2n2Face - P2P -Medium gain fuzz - My take on the Fuzz Face with a more modern and urgent tone, lots of bottom end but no woofyness, great clean-up from your guitars volume.

108Master - P2P -Classic RangeMaster style pedal with Range control for classic treble boost to full fat almost fuzzy boost.

RedDotSound - P2P - medium gain Silicon MK2 Tonebender homage - lots of smooth sustain and rich harmonics

183Face - Replica PCB - medium gain fuzz - my homage to the OG fuzzface using bc183 transistors originally purchased by Dallas Arbiter and replica 1966 type one enclosure.

183Sound - Tour Grade - high gain one knob fuzz - high gain but still lots of pick attack and spittyness.

BlackHatSound - P2P -Medium to high two transistor fuzz - bias control give a huge range of tones with a very musical gated mk 1 tonebender voice in stock mode and bias set to gate.

BlackHatSound Professional - P2P - Pressed steel 'Roto style' case - as above minus the fuzz control - orange sparkle interior.

BHS-D - Tour Grade - Folded steel wedge case - deluxe version of the BlackHatSound with Vol, Fuzz, Bias, Tone and Mids control

A Bit more about the BlackHatSound range

Firstly, all the range is still active and there will be drops of each version at some point in the future. Any pedals that are discontinued are hidden from view.

The 183Sound is the basic stripped back 'one knob fuzz' that all the BHS versions have grown from, so this part of the fuzz circuit stays the same throughout. 

The aim when voicing the BlackHatSound (BHS) series has always been the ability to achieve the aggressive and ragged tone of the MK1 tonebender at certain setttings. It isn't however a MK1 circuit, I'm thinking about rewording the website on this pedal to make that more clear.

Blackhatsound - Is the 183Sound with an added bias control, this is were the ability to shift the voice to the MK1 comes from. I ran out of the transistors for these at first and then found another stash, still quite limited, but i will be making more.

BlackHatSound Professional big box - this is as above, but with an added tone and mids control. The swap to slightly different [brighter] transistors was due to the addition of the tone controls, which lost some presence with the original transistors - obviously its in the big pressed enclosure and is a real show piece pedal

BHS-D - This is as above but with an additional fuzz control as well. I really wanted this to be an absolute workhorse so made some alterations to the construction to reflect that. Transistors haven't been selected yet (as of 15/10/2022), but rest assured the 'tonal aim' will be the same as the others. I'm very committed to consistency and have a shelf of reference pedals of every version that each build is tested against.