RockBoard by Warwick CINQUE 5.2 Pedalboard w/ Gig Bag


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I bought this a few weeks ago from Andertons planning to combine two of my boards, but frankly, as I started to look at what i was going to combine I had  lots of repeats and similar pedals. so this project kinda stalled. I’ve put a smaller board together and this one one is actually not needed now … bit of a schoolboy error really.

Things to note –

1) its been drilled to ‘hard fit’ a bright onion switcher so there are three 4mm holes in the lowest section.

2) the last photo shows the switcher in place ITS FOR SALE SEPERATELY and is not included. If you want to buy them both, ill be happy to fit the switcher before shipping it.

3) I stupidly left the empty box outside overnight and it got rained on, so its a bit warped in places.

Other than that its basically never been used in anger.

Cost new £139 i’m asking £90

  • Dimensions (Width x Depth): 622 x 422 mm | 24 1/2″ x 16 5/8″

Heres the Warick bumf.

The RockBoard by Warwick CINQUE 5.2 Pedalboard has been designed to be lightweight, rigid and rugged. With this pedalboard you can use a multitude of pedals, as well as power supply mounting solutions. The RBO B 5.2 CINQUE B pedalboard has been constructed using only one folded, cold-rolled aluminium sheet for the board frame and doesn’t have a single welded seam. As a result, the board’s surface is completely plain and gives you more pedalboard space for your money. This pedalboard features U-shaped vertical support braces for additional stability. Rockboard’s innovative slot-based design works exceptionally well with standard mounting solutions. You can even hide your cables underneath the surface for a tidy setup. Your power supply can also be mounted underneath the board’s surface. This pedalboard also has a slot for RockBoard Module patch bays. Finally, the RBO B 5.2 CINQUE B comes complete with a Rockboard gig bag.


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