LUXSOUND – Range boosted Fuzz


Two epic circuits in one stackable pedal. smash a 108master into a BlackTopFuzz for huge tonal varity to get you tone to stand out.

Oh and its really pretty inside too.



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A pedal of two halves – a BlackTopFuzz combined with a Rangemaster for the cut and punch you need to kick out of the mix.

My stock on NOS 2n2222a and BC108 TO-18 transistors are hand matched, to give the desired type of fuzz.  Properly spec’ed parts mean the Fuzz control doesn’t go to instant mud when you turn it down and it stays bright if you control the fuzz from your guitar. No mojo or snake oil parts are used, just VERY carefully matched transistors and modern high quality, high tolerence, resistors and capacitors.




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